FAQ – Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Is your furniture Made In USA?

Yes and No… Most of the products sold on our website are manufactured and packaged in the United States.  However, a few of the items offered on our website are made (or packaged) overseas.

Do you offer a warranty on your furniture?

Yes… The manufactures products offered on our website come with either a 5-Year Limited Warranty, 2-Year Limited Warranty, or a 1-Year Limited Warranty.  The majority of the products offered on our website are covered under a free 5-Year Manufactures Furniture Warranty.

What Do I use to clean my furniture?

Simply clean with your favorite furniture polish sprayed directly onto a cloth, then wipe dry.  Glass cleaner also works well on our Melamine top surfaces.

What is your furniture made of?

An environmentally friendly material called “engineered wood,” a combination of high quality hard wood and soft wood materials which are residuals of other lumber processes.  These materials are bonded together with a synthetic resin, then applied to high heat and pressure.  The result is dense, strong panels which are then laminated and cut into pieces.

Simply put, our products are not solid wood, but instead made from pressed wood materials (composite wood, man-made wood, or manufactured board).  We don’t pretend that our furniture is made from something it’s not.  Some furniture stores will attempt to sell laminate or wood veneer products over softer/cheaper wood materials and call it “solid wood”.  Unfortunately, many customers make these costly purchases thinking they are getting a solid wood product from inside and out, but in reality these customers are getting an item that is not nearly worth their investment. In contrast, our customers know upfront that our products are not “solid wood”, but fortunately for them, most of our products are not only “Made in USA”, but also come standard with a free warranty.  This makes purchasing products from our online furniture store not only affordable, but also reassures our customers are getting a highly practical and well-designed piece of furniture.  We truly believe the furniture we offer is the best possible value in the furniture industry.

Does the laminate have a protective coating?

Yes, the laminate finish is applied using a special in-house process that gives the piece of furniture its beautiful finish with a protective coat.  In addition, some products come with a Melamine top surface. These products are heat, stain, and scratch-resistant.

Are your products water-resistant or waterproof?

Yes and No.  If something is spilled on the surface and is wiped up, no damage will be done.  If the liquid is left on the surface for a long period of time, the board will absorb the liquid and this could cause damage to the board (just like solid wood).

Do you offer shipping outside of the United States?

No, we offer shipping to the lower 48 states only (This excludes Hawaii and Alaska).

What tools will I need?

With most assemblies, a #2 Phillips screwdriver, straight edge screwdriver, and a hammer is all that you need.  It may prove helpful during assembly of our larger items to use a power screwdriver or cordless drill.

Do you offer Assembly Services?

YES! For a quote or to schedule furniture assembly appointments contact  Assembly Now.

How do I pay for onsite assembly service? 

Check, cash,and all major credit cards are accepted. Payments can be made in advance by contacting Assembly Now or the technician can collect payment on the date of service.  NOTE: Only government  offices are eligible for invoicing.

When can I receive furniture assembly service? 

Furniture assembly takes place at your home or business Mon – Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Sunday appointments for onsite assemblies may be available upon technician availability. 

In addition to paying for the furniture assembly… Are there any additional fees?

A small trip charge will apply for appointments located outside our normal coverage areas.  Additional charges may apply if boxes need to be carried up stairs or if the assembly area is not cleared prior to arrival.

Do you provide a warranty on the assembly service?

 Assembly Now provides a 90-day warranty on assembly workmanship.  This should not be mistaken for the manufactures warranty on replacement parts.