About TFC

Who Are We?

The Furniture Company is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home-goods.  Formerly known as the Jacksonville Sauder furniture store which was founded August 2004 — Now a specialty Home & Office Online Furniture Store since October 2019.  We offer a wide variety of online furniture including;  Office, Bedroom, Entertainment, Storage, Shelving, Dining, Living, Bathroom, Garage, and Closet.  Each piece of furniture we offer is designed and constructed to provide you with top performance, style and value.

Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

Most of the products offered on our online furniture store come boxed and “ready to assemble” — Just like the original Sauder Jacksonville furniture store.  Assembly is quick and easy, with clear and descriptive instructions.  All holes are pre-drilled, meaning most items can be assembled with only a screwdriver and hammer.  We know what you’re thinking — why would anyone want to assemble their furniture?  Well, if a hammer, screwdriver and a little help from us can equate to a lot of benefits for your budget and style, why wouldn’t you?

Made in USA

Proud to be an American — Most of our furniture is manufactured in the United States.  The manufactures of our products utilize some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.

Furniture Warranty

The products you’ve purchased from our online furniture store are made with the best quality workmanship and materials.  Each piece is designed to provide you with top performance, style and value.  We put that promise in writing with a variety of manufacture furniture warranties — Free of charge.

Sustainable Products

Our American-made furniture products are manufactured with engineered wood, an environmentally responsible material made from high quality soft and hardwood trimmings that remain after the milling of lumber.  To further leverage this environmental advantage, sawdust collected throughout our manufacture’s facilities are converted into electricity by utilizing their co-gen plant. Some wood waste is also used for animal bedding and other uses, preventing the need for our manufactures to land-fill sawdust for the past decade.

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